Mediafire API for C# + Resharper

I have been searching on the net of a Mediafire API for C#. I gently saw this API from Google. It has a note that it needs Resharper so I think you need …

 Hi There,

I have been searching on the net of a Mediafire API for C#. I gently saw this API from Google. It has a note that it needs Resharper so I think you need that plugin before you can use it. As for the testing I don’t have any Resharper yet so I can test it myself so I have decided to publish it here so you can use and try it. You may give some feed back of your trying and share it to the world!


Mirror Download: Mediafire API C# + Resharper



Unfortunately I will not recommend anymore.

Today 9/25/2012 I have successively get my activated domain and back to my account!

Today 3/17/2014 again my has been removed without any notices and worst of it all other domains I have has been remove. Unfortunately I will not recommend anymore. Its a waste of time to follow up and even use it. Buy a domain instead.

Today 9/25/2012 I have successively get my activated domain and back to my account!

Globe IMMORTAL is Back!

Yep you here it right! Globe IMMORTAL is Back!

Yep you here it right! Globe IMMORTAL is Back!

How to access it?

Just dial *143*1# and press call

Here are their promos:

    • FOR P25, enjoy 50 texts to Globe/TM, 5 texts to ALL NETOWRKS plus 5 mins of calls to Globe or TM, NO EXPIRY!
    • For only P15, enjoy 25 texts to Globe/TM plus 5 texts to ALL NETWORKS, NO EXPIRY!

The only twist now is that you can only accumulate up to 100 immortal text and 10 minutes immortal call. 🙁

Timezone your DateTime

How to Timezone your Datetime on ASP .Net perfect to all timezone so that if a user view your website on another country.

Hi there!

I have been wondering today on how to make your website created on ASP .Net  perfect to all timezone so that if a user view your website on another country the date and time of your website is set to their timezone. So lets start to Timezone your DateTime!

  1. First create a Website Project on your Visual Studio
  2. Add Reference to this DateTimeW DLL
  3. On your website there should be an AJAX – Server Interaction. The AJAX will pass the timezone of the client to the Server and the server will fetch the timezone and set all your date.

For a clear way of implementing this your can download the demo below.

Demo TimezoneDatetime

Tip on Website Structure

How you should do the structuring of your files if your going to create a website with any programming language out of scratch.


Just a few days ago I have encountered a Website Structure that made me really sad. Upon opening the folder I was shocked how was the file structure was handled. I think I can share how you should do the structuring of your files if your going to create a website with any programming language out of scratch.

  1. First group your files accordingly
    • You put all your javascript files inside a folder, let say js,  in which all javascript files are there and no where else. Inside it you can again group it accrdingly to what javascript its all about. If your using jquery put it under a js/jquery folder, if your using tinymce put it on js/tinymce, and so on.
    • The same thing goes to css and other files. Group them so you can easily find them
  2. Second, Use consistent file type
               If your going to use PNG use png in all cases. If your not using transparent images then use JPG.
  3. Lastly, Use naming conventions that you can easily remember

These aren’t all that you can do. But I can say that this can help in improving the readability of your website when you are giving over the development or getting help from another developer. Next time I will be giving some tips on coding on PHP.

Thomie Jose 

Hyper Terminal on Windows 7

Hyper Terminal on Windows 7 which came from Windows XP. Works like a charm.

I have been wondering if there is a Hyper Terminal on Windows 7 but unfortunately it was removed since Windows Vista was introduce to the Market. But luckily the Hyper terminal which is available in Windows XP is Working Co-inside with Windows 7. Thus the link below is a ZIP file of the said Hyper Terminal so you don’t need to install Windows XP or find one to get it.

Download hyperterminal

Thank you to Bryan for the said file whom at the time of writing provide the said files.

jQuery Extension for ASP .Net MVC

jQuery Extension for ASP .Net MVC Opensource and Paid

My boss told us to search for a jQuery Extension for ASP .Net MVC to make the development easier. After minutes of searching the web I have found two extensions that you and I can use:

  1. DJME 2 which is an free and Open source
  2. Telerik Extensions for ASP .NET in this case is a paid extension

Both extensions utilizes the creation of custom helper to make jQuery development quite easier but abstracted. Abstracted because you are learning how the extensions should be use to produce jQuery but your not really coding jQuery. 

So in the end, I will still recommend using jQuery it self, doing all the hard works of creating the JavaScript file and code all the way, so you can produce the right jQuery output you have ever wanted.

ASP .Net MVC 3 – WebMail

Easiest Email on ASP .Net mvc 3 using webmail using gmail


I have been searching the web on how to easily send email thru ASP .NET MVC 3 and finally found the right code for it, its called WebMail. Look at the code below and insert it to one of your Controller’s Action:

WebMail.SmtpServer = “”;
WebMail.EnableSsl = true;
WebMail.SmtpPort = 25;
WebMail.UserName = “”;
WebMail.Password = “**********”;
WebMail.From = “”;
WebMail.Send(“********@******.com”, subject:”Subject”, body:”Message Here”);

Then try it on!

Its the Easiest Email on ASP .Net mvc 3 using webmail using gmail!

SQL Server Report Service

Time to remember an old friend on creating a report on ASP .Net, the Sql Server Report Service also known as SSRS. SSRS utilizes the MS SQL Server that simplifies the creation of report. The Concept is that you separate the location where your report is located so that even if your website is down you can still provide report and use it on other web programming language by putting it in an iFrame.

Upon reviewing here are the sites that made me remember:

In addition, SSRS need SQL Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) in order to create reports and deploy directly these reports to the server.

ASP .Net MVC 3 File Upload

Doing File Upload in ASP .Net MVC 3 is easier than ASP .Net Web Form. On this example Only two controller and one view is needed to perform this task.


public class FileController : Controller
        // GET: /File/
        public ActionResult Index()
            return View();
        public ActionResult Upload(HttpPostedFileBase f)
            if (f.ContentLength > 0)
                string filePath = Path.Combine(HttpContext.Server.MapPath(“\\Uploads\\”), Path.GetFileName(f.FileName));
            return RedirectToAction(“Index”);
    ViewBag.Title = “Index”;
@using (Html.BeginForm(“Upload”, “File”, FormMethod.Post, new { enctype = “multipart/form-data” }))
    <input type=”file” name=”f” /><br />
    <input type=”submit” value=”Submit” />
Thats it. 
Download the source Here

public class FileController : Controller    {        //        // GET: /File/
        public ActionResult Index()        {            return View();        }        [HttpPost]        public ActionResult Upload(HttpPostedFileBase f)        {            if (f.ContentLength > 0)            {                string filePath = Path.Combine(HttpContext.Server.MapPath(“\\Uploads\\”), Path.GetFileName(f.FileName));                f.SaveAs(filePath);                            }            return RedirectToAction(“Index”);        }

wdCalendar in ASP .Net MVC 2



In line with my work I have successfully converted wdCalendar PHP version to ASP .Net MVC 2(a little tweak and it will be ok with MVC 3). Also I have fixed some problems:

  1. Datenot showing instead a LOADING message is shown
  2. After Creating a New Event refresh the calendar
  3. Default View is Month

Download wdCalendarMVC2

Thomie Jose San Agustin 

TWAMP v7.7.3a Released

TWAMP Muggle Elevated package v7.7.3a Taiwan and Japan version Korea Provence

(Provence is a desirable place, where only 2 yuan per kilogram of bananas) Apache/2.2.17 (Win32) mod_ssl/2.2.17 PHP/5.2.17 MariaDB/5.2.6 phpMyAdmin/3.3.10 Drupal v7. 7 Drupal v6.22 This is a green software, no installation, point the mouse to run under two

“This edition began carrying Drush the latest version of the suite (written in the installation instructions) 
New php fileinfo package (for mimemail module) add rules, voting API modules to Drupal 7.7 added poormanscron, transliteration module in TWAMP install profile for Drupal -6.22 new ckeditor, getid3, phpmailer libraries packages for Drupal-7.7phpMyAdmin to export the local path correct folder error”

This version included with Drupal 7.2 & Drupal 6.22 with the latest Japanese, Chinese is the body, Simplified Chinese language file is installed when the selected language interface to start the installation, no need to manually modify the settings.php change the root password for the database account or use the enclosed After the phpMyAdmin login root account manually modify ./TWAMPd/htdocs/drupal-7.2/sites/default/settings.php

TWAMPD v7.7.3
TWAMPD v7.7.3

Used as usual, to download, unzip, double click apmxe.exe / apmxe_zh-TW.exe 
and then open the browser URL http://localhost/ ( )

Windows 7 / Vista users, please note! 

  • Right is recommended as a system administrator to run apmxe_zh-TW.exe 
  • or directly apmxe_zh-TW.exe designated “special privilege level” 
  • (right click -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Privilege Level -> to System Management in the capacity to run the program) 
  • can avoid the default temporary file path (C: \ \ Windows \ \ Temp) can not be writtenの囧
  • Please check the machine can not start the http port is occupied! 
  • TWAMP start Apache on port 80/443 
  • MariaDB on port 3306 
  • if port is already occupied, you can not start TWAMP, for example, has been installed using the skype software or other httpd / mysql service program, modify the port or change the software boot sequence 
  • such as first and then start TWAMPd start skype you can chatter!

Download Here or Here