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PhilRagnarok and Tjsa-zpanel Back Online!

Hi there,


Since the last few days I have experience the very stressful problem on my server. Now I had managed to recover and fix the problem.

The server to which I am serving my clients, including my own websites, are now back online for service.

To my PhilRagnarok users, thank you for being patient.

To my clients thank you for give me time to maintenance the server.

To my boss at LWS Media, thank you for permitting me to absent today.

To all my viewers, Thank you.


Yours truly,

Thomie Jose San Agustin

Had a hard time with Joomla 1.5’s tutorial

I had a hard time yesterday on working the given tutorial of Joomla to create a component. I did follow each step and tried copying and pasting the code. Still the code is not found after installation.

Fortunately, I got into a Plugin Tutorial for CB that did the work. I hope that I can search for a better tutorial other than the available at docs.joomla.org and bend Joomla.