Wow! LTE on SMART network!

Wow just read on my favorite forum this article regarding’s smart’s newest and fastest broadband ever. The LTE Mobile Boradband.

Here I have inserted some of its content:


Called Long Term Evolution (LTE), this latest advance in mobile broadband technology can deliver download and upload speeds of up to 50 mbps. In the near future, LTE will be able to provide speeds of up 100 mbps.

Recognized as the most advanced fourth-generation (4G) mobile broadband technology, LTE will enable individual users to download a movie in minutes rather than hours, download songs in seconds and easily watch high-definition video on Youtube with no buffering.

Smart has fired up its LTE network in the country and is rolling it out. To give mobile phone users a chance to experience the new service, Smart has set up a booth near Pats and Bombom (Station 2) in Boracay where interested people can use laptops equipped with LTE dongles. They can also use their WiFi-enabled mobile phones, tablets or laptops in the WiFi hotzone at the Smart booth which is powered by LTE.


To enjoy LTE, subscribers would need LTE-capable devices. For the Boracay demo, SMART provides LTE plug-it devices. In the near future, LTE-capable phones will also be available.

Comparison of HSPA+ vs LTE
LTE is the fastest mobile broadband technology in the world with the fastest speeds and minimal latency

Theoretical Data Rates (DL): up to 42 Mbps
Latency: 50 microseconds

Theoretical Data Rates (DL): up to over 100 Mbps
Latency: 10 microseconds

For mobile broadband fans, this is definitely something to get excited about!


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