TWAMP v7.7.3a Released

TWAMP Muggle Elevated package v7.7.3a Taiwan and Japan version Korea Provence

(Provence is a desirable place, where only 2 yuan per kilogram of bananas) Apache/2.2.17 (Win32) mod_ssl/2.2.17 PHP/5.2.17 MariaDB/5.2.6 phpMyAdmin/3.3.10 Drupal v7. 7 Drupal v6.22 This is a green software, no installation, point the mouse to run under two

“This edition began carrying Drush the latest version of the suite (written in the installation instructions) 
New php fileinfo package (for mimemail module) add rules, voting API modules to Drupal 7.7 added poormanscron, transliteration module in TWAMP install profile for Drupal -6.22 new ckeditor, getid3, phpmailer libraries packages for Drupal-7.7phpMyAdmin to export the local path correct folder error”

This version included with Drupal 7.2 & Drupal 6.22 with the latest Japanese, Chinese is the body, Simplified Chinese language file is installed when the selected language interface to start the installation, no need to manually modify the settings.php change the root password for the database account or use the enclosed After the phpMyAdmin login root account manually modify ./TWAMPd/htdocs/drupal-7.2/sites/default/settings.php

TWAMPD v7.7.3

TWAMPD v7.7.3

Used as usual, to download, unzip, double click apmxe.exe / apmxe_zh-TW.exe 
and then open the browser URL http://localhost/ ( )

Windows 7 / Vista users, please note! 

  • Right is recommended as a system administrator to run apmxe_zh-TW.exe 
  • or directly apmxe_zh-TW.exe designated “special privilege level” 
  • (right click -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Privilege Level -> to System Management in the capacity to run the program) 
  • can avoid the default temporary file path (C: \ \ Windows \ \ Temp) can not be writtenの囧
  • Please check the machine can not start the http port is occupied! 
  • TWAMP start Apache on port 80/443 
  • MariaDB on port 3306 
  • if port is already occupied, you can not start TWAMP, for example, has been installed using the skype software or other httpd / mysql service program, modify the port or change the software boot sequence 
  • such as first and then start TWAMPd start skype you can chatter!

Download Here or Here

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