Tip on Website Structure

How you should do the structuring of your files if your going to create a website with any programming language out of scratch.


Just a few days ago I have encountered a Website Structure that made me really sad. Upon opening the folder I was shocked how was the file structure was handled. I think I can share how you should do the structuring of your files if your going to create a website with any programming language out of scratch.

  1. First group your files accordingly
    • You put all your javascript files inside a folder, let say js,  in which all javascript files are there and no where else. Inside it you can again group it accrdingly to what javascript its all about. If your using jquery put it under a js/jquery folder, if your using tinymce put it on js/tinymce, and so on.
    • The same thing goes to css and other files. Group them so you can easily find them
  2. Second, Use consistent file type
               If your going to use PNG use png in all cases. If your not using transparent images then use JPG.
  3. Lastly, Use naming conventions that you can easily remember

These aren’t all that you can do. But I can say that this can help in improving the readability of your website when you are giving over the development or getting help from another developer. Next time I will be giving some tips on coding on PHP.

Thomie Jose 

Author: webmaster

I am Thomie Jose San Agustin a developer using PHP as my main programming language to create website. I can also develop other applications and websites using other programming languages such as VB .Net, C# .Net, Java, ASP .Net. I can also use Applications such as Photoshop, Flash, Adobe After Effects, Dreamweaver, etc.

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