Pixlr Editor : Online Photo Editor


I have been before looking for an online application to edit my images without thinking of any licensing and subscription. An online editor that you can be used even on your tablet (tried it with a mouse and keyboard) and your my desktop. With that said I have foundĀ Pixlr Editor.

Pixlr Editor has many feature that is familiar with Adobe Photoshop. I t has fill, magic wand, layering, and even a way to connect to your Picasa account. It is also wonderful to note that is a tool that is now under Autodesk. Try it now be clicking here.


God Bless!


Author: Thomie Jose San Agustin

He is a Microsoft Certified Professional whom develop different website using ASP .NET MVC and PHP. He can also create systems out of C#. A Magna Cum Laude of Adamson University whom started a Freelance company named i-CT Combinatorics Technology with his friend Calbin Montalban. He accepts both Website and System development and even can help now his colleagues in generating their logic and research.

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