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Review: Tab Manager

In a world of development cycle we open several tabs for research and development, requirement gathering, and even when presenting. In cases like this we want to open tabs simultaneously. Most of us will do this by creating folder on our Bookmarks and open them up. For me I use Tab Manager on chrome to do this. Its so easy.

  1. Open the tabs you want
  2. Name them on Tab Manager
  3. Then click the + sign

Thats it. It will save that as a group and with just one click you will open them all. The best part of it is its free and it sync the data along with your google account. Download it now at

God Bless!


FotoJet Create Collage Online!

I was requested to review this tool called FotoJet. And what can I say is “Its worth it”. Let me tell you why with this technical review.

Programming Language

The programming language used is Action Script i think because its running under the context of Adobe Flash Player. Even though they have mobile have which is very nice and we’ll review it on another session.

If you want to use fotojet web make sure you are accessing it on a desktop because it is design for a desktop environment. Even though there is a browser that is capabale of running Adobe Flash Player like Puffin it is not designed to work on a mobile environment which it is detecting via the said screenshot.


The ui is like you are using a desktop application which give a native app feel. It has inbuilt ui guided step by step to creage your wonderful collage.

Input and Output

Its input just require your image to be browsed and all the design can be done via the web app itself. It has also inbuilt font but some of them need payment which is explainable due to copyright or agreements I think.

In any case after building with the app I am satisfied with how easy it is to create one. Here are the samples I created that I loved much.