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This forums serves my hosting services:

Payment Method

  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer/ WesternUnion

Payment Rules

  • Monthly = BasePrice*1
  • Yearly = BasePrice*12

Hosting Packages

  • Package, Premium Shell
    BasePrice, P100.00
    WebSpace, 3GB
    Bandwith, 7GB
    MySQL Database, 5
    Addon Domain, Sub Domain, Parked Domain Support, 5
    FTP Accounts5
    Email Accounts Forwarding, 5
    Email Distribution List, 5


  • Package, Premium Hamster
    BasePrice, P200.00
    WebSpace, 7GB
    Bandwith, 15GB
    MySQL Database, 10
    Addon Domain, Sub Domain, Parked Domain Support, 10
    FTP Accounts, 10
    Email Accounts Forwarding, 10
    Email Distribution List, 10


  • Package, Premium Rabbit
    BasePrice, P300.00
    WebSpace, 10GB
    Bandwith,  30GB
    MySQL Database, 20
    Domain, Sub Domain, Parked Domain Support, 20
    FTP Accounts, 20
    Email Accounts Forwarding, 20
    Email Distribution List, 20

“All Comes with a FREE domain[Because its really free]“

Setup only takes a minute. Buy now!


Thomie Jose


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