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Get the User Referrer via JavaScript


You van get the user referrer via javascript using the following code:


The said code will give you the full url path to which your user came from.

Example is http://google.com/?some-strings=goes-here

So you can check if its from a user from a google with a particular search string.


Just a Note. It can also received the same domain to which your site is in. For an instance your domain is http://domain.com then you referesh the page, the said code will return http://domain.com because you just refresh the page.

RockMelt Your Social Web Browser

If you are a facebook and/or a twitter user. You might wanted to surf and at the same time be connected to your friends.

Now the wait is over, RockMelt gives you the power to surf the web while you can still be update with your social network.


Here’s a video of what RockMelt can do: