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Don’t Ever use Inline Database in MSSQL SP and Query

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I have been modifying a source code from my work and it has been a little difficult to test the system in multiple instances of database. This is due the previous developers of the said source code used Inline Query Codes and Connection Strings. In addition to that this Inline Queries and even their Stored Procedure use Inline Database, an example is [Database1].[dbo].[tbl_tableName] which should not be in practice if it is using the same database on the whole coding system.

This kind of practice limits the system to use different database name. For an instance you have a web server that serves both Development and Production Environment. You have a project that needs to have Dev and Prod on the said server. If this practice is used you are limited to one Environment at a time nevertheless you modify each script to change that inline database name. So its better to use [dbo].[tbl_tableName]  than [Database1].[dbo].[tbl_tableName] 



As I promised, this is the new Dll with example program on using it.

This is the dll and a program sample that you can use as a guide.

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Merry Christmas everyone, I hope that the efforts that I made will be used properly and eliminate the dependency to others. This is a dream that everyone is making their own program with their own effort and little GUIDE with others.
Still visit the site for more files and other information that you can use.