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Want to have an Extra Yahoo Email Address but the save login details?

If that’s what you want. Yahoo is give you one (1) extra email that you can change every year. Yahoo extra Email address put an extra email address on top of your current email.

For an example, your email is myemail@yahoo.com and you avail an extra email address maynameisone@yahoo.com. When you login using maynameisone@yahoo.com, you will be having the same inbox you have on your myemail@yahoo.com.

It means you have two email account having one inbox.

What is the benefit?

  1. Have your the same account but different email.
  2. Set the extra email as your main email.(For those person who had non-nonprofessional email address yet want to maintain the said email)
  3. Changing the email once a year.
  4. Can use also in logging in to Yahoo services.

That some of the benefits. So if you haven’t get your extra email address, then create yours now by logging in to your yahoo account and going to this URL¬†http://edit.yahoo.com/config/list_alias