Unfortunately I will not recommend dot.tk anymore.

Today 3/17/2014 again my tjsa.tk has been removed without any notices and worst of it all other domains I have has been remove. Unfortunately I will not recommend dot.tk anymore. Its a waste of time to follow up and even use it. Buy a domain instead.

Today 9/25/2012 I have successively get my tjsa.tk activated domain and back to my account!

4 thoughts on “Unfortunately I will not recommend dot.tk anymore.

  1. Dot TK

    tjsa.tk was cancelled as it was not showing an active website – perhaps it was just down when we checked but you have to tell us that this was the case asap. Sorry if you did not get a reply from support@dot.tk on your first email – we do not know why we did not receive it? If this happens then just send another email and your domain would have been activated immediately. We will always reply to emails and explain why a domain was cancelled and either reactivate the domain or if it was used for abuse/copyright then explain why it cannot be reactivated.

    If you have a lot of visitors or run a business and have printed the domain on flyers, posters etc – we suggest that you consider upgrading to a paid domain as then you will actually own this domain and it will not be checked to see if it has an active website etc. If you are serious about your website and visitors then please also be serious about your domain name and make sure you actually own it and not use a free one.

    Please write to us again so we can help you reactivate this domain.

    Kind regards,
    Dot TK

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