Tips : Refereshing a Website

If you are refreshing a website you usually do it by pressing F5.

So whats with F5?

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PHP : How to remove a folder and its content?

If you are using PHP then you can use this function.



$dir – the full directory path of the FOLDER you want to delete

$DeleteMe – if you want to delete the said FOLDER or not.


function rmdir_r ( $dir, $DeleteMe = TRUE ){

if ( ! $dh = @opendir ( $dir ) ) return;
while ( false !== ( $obj = readdir ( $dh ) ) )
if ( $obj == ‘.’ || $obj == ‘..’) continue;
if ( ! @unlink ( $dir . ‘/’ . $obj ) ) $this->rmdir_r ( $dir . ‘/’ . $obj, true );

closedir ( $dh );
if ( $DeleteMe )
@rmdir ( $dir );


Top 10: Creative Pencil Vs Camera Photos

He’s a visual creator out of Belgium and his name is Ben Heine. Combining his own drawings and regular photos, this skilled artist creates art in a wonderful mix of photography and illustration. And while there are bound to be more artists like him out there we were so impressed by Heine’s work we’ve decided to dedicate a whole list in his name.



Visit this url to view all the photos :

PHP: Just got into mysql_insert_id() is very useful.

Long ago I have been programming with PHP but I am having problem in getting the inserted key for the new record that I have just inserted to my database.


My turn around was to query the same data that I have inserted. Recently, it just to  my head if there is a function on the net that perform the said task. And poof there it is. mysql_insert_id();


1. Perform an insert query. ea. INSERT INTO name(`name`) VALUES(‘NAME’)

2. Use the function to get the primary-auto-increment key. $id = mysql_insert_id();

Thats it you have get the key of your inserted record.


Hope it help you.

WEBSITE : Transportation Method Using Modified Stepping Stone


During my school days, I, together with my co leagues, had develop one website for Operational Research.  The said website was develop as part of their finals for the said subject.

Its main goal is to easily compute optimized number of items to be delivered to a particular location. Or what ever the purpose of using the transportation method using modified stepping stone in the area of Operational Research.

Again you are free to use the website for any purpose. Hope it help you.

The said website were developed by:

  • Thomie Jose San Agustin
  • Calbin Montalban
  • Kevin Stephen Muñoz


GAME : MouseAttack v1.0

Download: TJSAsMouseAttack

During my OJT I have experimented on the .Net Framework to develop some games during our free time.

One the games I have develop is the MouseAttack. Its a game were you need to avoid some falling objects in order to get more points. The game was developed for a little time, but I hope you like it.

Want to have an Extra Yahoo Email Address but the save login details?

If that’s what you want. Yahoo is give you one (1) extra email that you can change every year. Yahoo extra Email address put an extra email address on top of your current email.

For an example, your email is and you avail an extra email address When you login using, you will be having the same inbox you have on your

It means you have two email account having one inbox.

What is the benefit?

  1. Have your the same account but different email.
  2. Set the extra email as your main email.(For those person who had non-nonprofessional email address yet want to maintain the said email)
  3. Changing the email once a year.
  4. Can use also in logging in to Yahoo services.

That some of the benefits. So if you haven’t get your extra email address, then create yours now by logging in to your yahoo account and going to this URL