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The Android Bug Factory Reset

Hi There,

Just want you to be aware of the Android Bug on some Samsung device, that is the android bug factory reset. This is most likely to happen to people who have TouchWiz Luncher on their loving Android phone. So how that happen? This happend due to the default dialing capability of our mobile phone that is if someone texted you *#06# and try to call that directly from your sms you will directly get your serial  number. 

The same process goes to any USSD codes that your mobile phone understand. So what is that USSD code that we are talking about, that code is *2767*3855#, remember that you should NOT test this if you are not ok to the consequence for having your phone Factory Reset.

So be aware of it. Its in andform, a browser base url, an sms, a QR code, and other else.