Top 10: Creative Pencil Vs Camera Photos

He’s a visual creator out of Belgium and his name is Ben Heine. Combining his own drawings and regular photos, this skilled artist creates art in a wonderful mix of photography and illustration. And while there are bound to be more artists like him out there we were so impressed by Heine’s work we’ve decided to dedicate a whole list in his name.



Visit this url to view all the photos :

Wow! LTE on SMART network!

Wow just read on my favorite forum this article regarding’s smart’s newest and fastest broadband ever. The LTE Mobile Boradband.

Here I have inserted some of its content:


Called Long Term Evolution (LTE), this latest advance in mobile broadband technology can deliver download and upload speeds of up to 50 mbps. In the near future, LTE will be able to provide speeds of up 100 mbps.

Recognized as the most advanced fourth-generation (4G) mobile broadband technology, LTE will enable individual users to download a movie in minutes rather than hours, download songs in seconds and easily watch high-definition video on Youtube with no buffering.

Smart has fired up its LTE network in the country and is rolling it out. To give mobile phone users a chance to experience the new service, Smart has set up a booth near Pats and Bombom (Station 2) in Boracay where interested people can use laptops equipped with LTE dongles. They can also use their WiFi-enabled mobile phones, tablets or laptops in the WiFi hotzone at the Smart booth which is powered by LTE.


To enjoy LTE, subscribers would need LTE-capable devices. For the Boracay demo, SMART provides LTE plug-it devices. In the near future, LTE-capable phones will also be available.

Comparison of HSPA+ vs LTE
LTE is the fastest mobile broadband technology in the world with the fastest speeds and minimal latency

Theoretical Data Rates (DL): up to 42 Mbps
Latency: 50 microseconds

Theoretical Data Rates (DL): up to over 100 Mbps
Latency: 10 microseconds

For mobile broadband fans, this is definitely something to get excited about!


PHP: Just got into mysql_insert_id() is very useful.

Long ago I have been programming with PHP but I am having problem in getting the inserted key for the new record that I have just inserted to my database.


My turn around was to query the same data that I have inserted. Recently, it just to  my head if there is a function on the net that perform the said task. And poof there it is. mysql_insert_id();


1. Perform an insert query. ea. INSERT INTO name(`name`) VALUES(‘NAME’)

2. Use the function to get the primary-auto-increment key. $id = mysql_insert_id();

Thats it you have get the key of your inserted record.


Hope it help you.

WEBSITE : Transportation Method Using Modified Stepping Stone


During my school days, I, together with my co leagues, had develop one website for Operational Research.  The said website was develop as part of their finals for the said subject.

Its main goal is to easily compute optimized number of items to be delivered to a particular location. Or what ever the purpose of using the transportation method using modified stepping stone in the area of Operational Research.

Again you are free to use the website for any purpose. Hope it help you.

The said website were developed by:

  • Thomie Jose San Agustin
  • Calbin Montalban
  • Kevin Stephen Muñoz


GAME : MouseAttack v1.0

Download: TJSAsMouseAttack

During my OJT I have experimented on the .Net Framework to develop some games during our free time.

One the games I have develop is the MouseAttack. Its a game were you need to avoid some falling objects in order to get more points. The game was developed for a little time, but I hope you like it.

Want to have an Extra Yahoo Email Address but the save login details?

If that’s what you want. Yahoo is give you one (1) extra email that you can change every year. Yahoo extra Email address put an extra email address on top of your current email.

For an example, your email is and you avail an extra email address When you login using, you will be having the same inbox you have on your

It means you have two email account having one inbox.

What is the benefit?

  1. Have your the same account but different email.
  2. Set the extra email as your main email.(For those person who had non-nonprofessional email address yet want to maintain the said email)
  3. Changing the email once a year.
  4. Can use also in logging in to Yahoo services.

That some of the benefits. So if you haven’t get your extra email address, then create yours now by logging in to your yahoo account and going to this URL

The index.html, What is it?

Have you ever wonder what is an index.html?


An index.html, in some cases default.html, is the main page of our website. It is the default file that our browser/server look for to view our website. The file extension(.html) also varies to what programming language we are using.

  • PHP -> index.php
  • ASP -> index.asp
  • ASP.Net ->index.aspx
  • JSP -> index.jsp
  • HTML ->index.html

It can also be set on some programming language on what specific file should the browser/server look for.


So be reminded that if you are developing a website that you should set the main page’s file name of your website to index.

Your Nokia’s IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) Meaning

Have you ever wonder what is the meaning of your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). In most cases, we all know that taking note of this number is very important especially when your mobile phone got lost so that you can report it to the NTC so that it will get blocked.

On the other hand some articles on the web said that this IMEI can tell us the quality and origin of our phone we have. Let read this article:

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Had a hard time with Joomla 1.5’s tutorial

I had a hard time yesterday on working the given tutorial of Joomla to create a component. I did follow each step and tried copying and pasting the code. Still the code is not found after installation.

Fortunately, I got into a Plugin Tutorial for CB that did the work. I hope that I can search for a better tutorial other than the available at and bend Joomla.

RockMelt Your Social Web Browser

If you are a facebook and/or a twitter user. You might wanted to surf and at the same time be connected to your friends.

Now the wait is over, RockMelt gives you the power to surf the web while you can still be update with your social network.


Here’s a video of what RockMelt can do:


Blessed with God today.

I was blessed today by God.


I leave home late but still I was enable to arrive at school 8am.

I was able to get my alumni ID few minute before the line number distribution start.

Sir Tadeo passed by the line were I was stuck for more than an hour and help me get my line number at ease.

I got my toga in just a few minutes and I was first in line.

I was able to fix the network for the CompSci Advising in less than an hour without any problem.

I have seen my friends again at school.


Thank you God!

Dropbox: Put your files to the cloud

Dropbox is a free application that let you select a folder and synchronize it to your online account. At first you will be given 2GB of space and it will increment up to 8GB for every referral you make.


Visit and create your account today!

By the way that link will make you additional 250MB because you will be considered referred by me. now officially lunched!

I am officially lunching my website.

I’ll be updating this site as frequently as I can. I’ll be sharing some of my discoveries in programming, tips, tricks, and even tutorials.

I will not share programs that are counteracting the Piracy Policy. In contrast, I will share the trial version of the said programs if they are not free.

Hope you visit my site. Thank you and God Bless.

I will be supporting advertisement later this year.


Thomie Jose San Agustin
Web Developer

My 20th Birthday with my classmates

First time ko pong mag celebrate ng birthday with my classmates at sa isang swimming resort po noong March 6. Nagcontribute ang bawat isa para sa resort at kaming birthday ng March ay nagabagan para naman sa pagkain. Sina Dop yung nag plano para maging masaya yung araw na iyon.

Ako naging masaya din, dahil nakasama ko ang mga kaibigan ko sa isang araw na mahalaga sakin. Nagbonding ang bawat isa sa pamamagitan ng hinandang games nina kuya Dop, ate Gigi, at Mam Trish.

Nag laro kami ng best cheer, picture that,group paper dance, arrange yourself, pabilisan ng punuan ng timba, at ang huli ang parang pawnshop. Tulong tulong kami nun, may nasugatan pero ok lang kasi sports tayo.

Nawa maulit uil. Muli mga kaibigan ko ingat kayo.


The CS WebTeam Day Today and Nihongo Fair yesterday.

Kanina, kakatapos lang ng cumulating activity namin ang last at pinaka huli. Nagkarun ng tournament sa Dota at CounterStrike. Isa ako sa mga nagayos ng PC, whoo marunong na ako. At naging MC ako sa isang seminar namin na MS Office 2010 na nagbigay ng bagong buhay sa mga estudyante especially dun sa mga gumagamit ng MS Office 2007 dahil maraming features ang nadagdag.

Pero bago ang lahat yung sa Nihongo Fair muna. Bakit ko uunahin p? Kasi sumayaw kami nun, remix at 5 lang kami. Pero kahit ganun, masaya dahil nagawa ko ulit ang isa sa mga gusto kong ginagawa ko noong bata pa ako. Ang sumayaw at medyo kumanta. Kahit hindi nanalo atleast isa dun sa mga nanalo mga kaibigan ko, at higit sa lahat na ipakita namin ang talent namin.

Sumunod naman ang Counter-Strike tournament nawala sa plano ng una. Pero dahit maraming sumali, isinama narin namin sa plano. Nagkrun ng problema nung last na, pero salamat dahil na ayos na din ng bawat isa. Ganun din tumulong din sa amin ang dalawang guro namin sa pagaayos ng PC at pagaayos ng mga rules ng laro. Dahil dun medyo gabi ako umuwi.


Make Them Smile, ako ang napasmile!

Kahapon natapos namin ang isa sa mga masasabi kong maganda at pinaghandaan naming gawin sa org. Kasama namin kahapon lahat ng mga kaibigan namin. Samasama kaming punta gamit ang Adamson University Bus(Kahit medyo mainit sa loob 🙂 ), sa Caloocan.

Maraming bata ang pumunta kaysa inaasahan namin. Medyo magulo nung una pero salamat sa mga pumunta naming kaibigan at naging maayos ang outreach namin. Sa mga clown and magician(Pandi, Gerome, at Remjo), sa Chairperson namin(Sir Tadeo) na sumama at tumulong, sa Adviser namin(Mam Raquel) at higit sa lahat sa mga kaklase, kaibigan, co-officer na buong pusong nagparticipate at nag alaga ng ilang mga bata.

Nag handa ng pagkain, ng mga ipapamigay na gamit, sa mga nagface paint, sa mga nagayos ng upuan, ng tent, ng mga bata. Yun ang ilan sa mga nagawa namin. Napagod man kami, pero ang mahalaga napasaya namin sila at ako rin. may teacher akong bago hehehe. “Make Them Smile” CSWEBTEAM Outreach!

Thx po ulit.


Seminar Madness.

Hi, gusto ko lang po ikuwento ang activity ng org namin bukas. May dalawa po kaming seminar. Yung una po ay CakePHP isa sa mga gusto kong matutunan kasi parang JQuery(para sakin pinadaling Javascript at AJAX) daw yun yung parang pinadaling PHP. Nung last year kasi na seminar sa OSFD yung sa OSUM hindi kasi ako yung nasama.Maganda daw kasi madali kang makakagawa ng website na maydatabase. Sweet!

Yung isa naman pong seminar ay about sa Ito yung pinapaaral naman po sa amin noong summer pero di namin na continue kasi kasabay ng Java Training namin sa TESDA. Kung tatanungin nyo po ako parang ito yung panlaban ng Microsoft sa PHP. Dahil same purpose and/or structure siya ng PHP. May database, puwedeng maiintegrade sa JQUERY, at mayroon ding server na kailangan para tumakbo siya.

Nawa maraming pumunta bukas at mapuno ang SV Mezzanine. Punta po kayo! Kita kits. –Sino kaya makakabasa nito. hehehe


Happy New Year Everybody!

Hala, new year na pala. Ngayong new year medyo mayhanda kami. Birthday din kasi ng kapatid kong sumunod sa akin. Ang medyo pangit lang po kasi medyo nagkagalit – galit kami.

Pero ok lang kasi naging maayos din naman. Bumili ng maraming paputok yung kapit kong may birthday at nakipagsabayan sa mga kapitbahay namin. Nakakatuwa nga po kasi yung tuta namin hindi natatakot sa paputok eh yung nanay nun takot na takot.

Bonding din naming magkakapatid. Naglaro kami ng LAN game at salitan kami. Medyo nakakatakot yung nilalaro namin pero ok lang masaya naman. May pagkain din na spaguety, cake, chiken, at marami pang iba. Medyo kakaiba lang kasi ngayong new year lang ako hindi nag gm sa mga kakilalako. Pano hirap po mag unli at higit sa lahat, AYOKONG GUMASTOS! hehehe

Sige po, mulit happy new year my friends, classmates, co-leagues, and most of all to you reading this article.